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Author Topic: ZekCom and Culture (Repost from Lorescape)  (Read 1518 times)

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ZekCom and Culture (Repost from Lorescape)
« on: October 15, 2010, 07:40:30 AM »

ZekCom and Culture
Headquarters ? Riga

?Have you had a chance to check out the Nanon Tribulizer 8954 yet? It?s amazing! It combines the Jpod, the Illux 900x and the Tribule version 2 all into one device that weaves into your clothes. I can talk to anyone I want, jam communications, hack, listen to music, bypass recognition devices and stay catch all the current feeds, all at once! It?s simply brilliant!?

-Britney Maroney, politician

ZekCom is the youngest of the Mega-Corporations having been recognized as a strong corporation since the fall of governments, but not enough to be a serious challenge to the other three. While ZekCom publicly claims that its climb to the top has been attributed to the discovery and control of Quantum Communications, there are other reasons as well.

Originating from the majority of European (Northern Atlantic) Powers in the 21st Century, ZekCom was first established as a government sponsored corporation. The European Powers (seeing themselves in a possible cross-fire between Senka, Genoma and the newly emerged Lukron) sought a means to protect their own identity and way of life. Their response was to form ZekCom, based upon the pursuit of technological freedom and nano-prosperity, and immediately came under assault by Lukron. The Lukron Corporation promptly announced that the formation of another corporation, especially one that shares its borders and of the ?Free Region? (declared neutral territories) was a threat to its security and assets.

Lukron?s announcement was unfortunately made too early. Dealing with internal strife and civil unrest from the occupation of South-West Asia, mobilization for war was slow. Lukron had counted on ZekCom being unable to put up an effective defense, hoping to force them to concede something, anything, but that plan failed. ZekCom refused to surrender to the bolsheviks, and in a surprise move staged effective pre-emptive attacks at Lukron, utilizing limited tactical nuclear weapons.

The Lukron forces were stunned and in disarray. ZekCom quickly followed with an invasion of Lukron?s Western Defense Zone. From that point on, Lukron fought an unorganized, defensive war, barely holding its own. ZekCom units began acting independently as Lukron's lines fell, conducting raids into the Lukron supply system that wreaked havok upon their infrastructure.

It took several months for Lukron to organize an effective defensive strategy, finally halting and even reversing ZekCom advances. ZekCom sensed the turning tide, and knew that it could not fight a war of attrition with fully mobilized Lukron. Seeking to hold their gains, they bartered for peace while still in a position of strength. With the war between Senka and Genoma over, Lukron signed the peace accord, albeit reluctantly, realizing they could not continue to pour resources into their fight with ZekCom and maintain a credible defensive posture towards the other two corporations.

Feeling a bit lucky after that, ZekCom began to rely on other means to ensure its sovereignty. Leveraging their expertise in information systems, coding, software, and communications, they became masters of guile: Rather than fight wars they might not win, they infiltrated the other corporations in order to instigate wars between them. The idea being that, if Senka, Lukron, and Genoma were at each other's throats, ZekCom would enjoy peace and prosperity.

ZekCom continues on as a major corporation, playing the spy, assassin, and intelligence service for the Mega-Corporations. Transforming itself into a mercenary force, ZekCom gained additional revenue streams providing mercenaries for other corporations and even contracting exceptional pilots for Clashes., all the while pouring all their technological efforts into technology.

With the successful development of Quantum Communications, ZekCom finally laid claim to a seat at the table of power. Unable to reproduce the technology, the Mega-Corporations unloaded vast sums of money and resources to outfit their infrastructure with the trendy new faster than light communications system. It was a trade-off to them. ZekCom became more powerful, but so did they, in the long run.

The people of ZekCom are stereotypically classified as "technophiles with a peculiar fascination towards gadgets, communications and stealth," essentially a society of geeks. Founded by peacenics, visionaries, and utopians, they operated outside of the mainstream by manufacturing the mainstream's infrastructure.

It had become obvious that the Corporates needed to revolutionize communications in the wake of faster than light technology, in order to keep up with the rapid expansion of the human race into the galaxy. Their out-of-the-box thinking proved to be critical to the advancement of the communication field, and proved superior to traditional corporate methodology. As other Corporations made moves to acquire their technology through less than noble methods, ZekCom developed an almost paranoid state of mind. They focused their efforts upon encryption, decryption, stealth, and advanced communications.

The ZekCom populace is infatuated with gadgetry and countermeasures, rather than glaring offensive muscle. They are much more likely to be thrilled by unleashing a virus to fry an opponent?s circuitry than seeing them explode under a volley of missiles. There are numerous philosophical and religious views present in ZekCom society, but they are a tolerant people on the whole. ZekComs possessions and ideas define them. ZekComs often seek to elevate their social status by purchasing the latest and greatest personal technologies, what they term as "Existance 2.n". Overall, the people are liberal and individualistic when compared to the regimented thinking of employees in other Corporations.

The sense of fashion is one that allows room for creativity, and is only outdone by their pursuit of gadgetry. Their clothing styles vary widely and are often expressive of nature. The elites of this society tend to stick out, due to the amount of personal technology they carry on their person or have affixed to their bodies or homes. Their architectural style is sleek and futuristic, with razor sharp lines and shapes that appear to be traveling at great speed, in spite of standing still.

Over the centuries, a tradition has evolved when naming children that eventually became a right of passage for ZekCom people. A newborn employee is given a conventional first and last name only. When the child reaches maturity (usually around 13 or so), they must demonstrate their proficiency in several technologies that are considered "lifelong tools of knowledge", such as coding, hacking, and cracking. Passing this ritual earns a "Screen Name" of their choosing.

ZekCom Board and Politics

Three Political Departments represents the ZekCom Board, known as the ICM.
Information ? The Scientific Department, encompasses the future development of ZekCom, such as with research and development of technology, sciences and education.
Civil ? The Interior Department, which deals with domestic welfare, infrastructure, productivity and quality of life.
Martial ? The Security Department, to provide domestic security and defensive/offensive actions against foreign powers. The term Sec-O?s (pronounced: sick-ohs) were derived from disgruntled Zekcomers describing the Security Operations of the martial arm.

ZekCom is one of the most rapidly changing organizations. They have adopted many formal ideas of Corporate hierarchy, but there are always minor rebellions that seem to shake things up and depose previous leaders. They tend to empower leaders who promise change and who are technological wizards in some manner, knowing full well there will be no change. Rhetoric is king. They rely on interconnectivity, but remain fiercely independent, demanding that information be Open Source, rather than Pwned. They prefer organizational structures that could be labeled ?democratic,? but they are prone to getting bogged down in endless debate.

Their management style has produced a more informal environment than other Corporations, and most of their members have proven to have a liberal slant. Opposing Corporations have been able to fracture ZekCom in a number of ways (internally) and there may be some truth to the ZekCom sentiment that "everyone is out to get our stuff." ZekCom remains a vital Corporate powerhouse, despite the sometimes dismal lack of formal hierarchy and structure. They rely a great deal upon innovations that others believe they must have to remain competitive, and they have produced a thriving internal market for their goods. ZekComians are their own best customers and rarely patronize the other Corporates.

Acting Comptroller Carl Gustaf Laukkanen
Carl Gustaf Laukkanen?s family-line of can be traced back to many notable people of history in Northern Europe. In keeping with the family-line, Carl Gustaf retained his Standard Name and prefers the full use of his first name rather than accepting the ZekCom tradition of having a Screen Name. Carl Gustaf is a former Commander from the Martial Sector, with most of his security career spent in Intelligence. After his martial service, he transferred to the Intelligence Division of the Information Department (IS/ID), in which his martial skills, education and training allowed for an easy transition.

Prior to the Affliction, Laukkanen was assigned to oversee the ZekCom Intelligence, Regional-Division on K-9WD, which included other nearby frontier star-systems. He accepted the post most enthusiastically (one of the few to do so), due to its frontier-like environment: it was one of the few places in which all four mega-corporations were to share a common point. There was no doubt in his mind that K-9WD would be a target rich environment to gain intelligence from the other corporations as well as from frontier travelers.

Upon reaching K-9WD, Laukkanen began the start-up process of the Intelligence Regional-Division. Drawing upon his years of experience (and given a nifty budget to work with), Laukkanen had created a respectful system that was considered superior to all others. This lead to some close calls from assassination attempts, and the betrayal of his youngest son, Lucene. Laukkanen has since become an expert at avoiding assassinations, commonly using body doubles and providing false information, as well as by playing the power of his own personnel against one another.

When the Affliction struck, Laukkanen was reluctant to assume control of all ZekCom assets, preferring that the existing Director (Sebastian of the Civil Department) remain in control. His belief was that humanity was in need of rebuilding, and who better to be the leader than a person from the Civil Department. However, conflicts with the other Corporates had proven Director Sebastian inept at inspired leadership. She was shortly removed from office (assassinated) by agents suspected to be from the Martial Department. Fearing Martial Control of ZekCom would only lead to further disintegration of the human race, Laukkanen made a bid for control, rather than being done in by an unpopular regime. The process was hostile but Laukkanen prevailed, and would go on to conduct a purge of those who had opposed him.

Presently Laukkanen considers himself the ?Acting Comptroller,? during this declared state of emergency, and expects to relieve himself when the emergency ends. There is doubt by some that such a state of emergency will never end. Comptroller Laukkanen has proven himself an effective leader, able to maintain balance within the ICM , and to expand ZekCom?s power. His priority is to build up the infrastructure, thus allowing for greater production and research, simultaneously conducting limited conflicts when intelligence deems it necessary to keep the other corporations at bay.
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