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Author Topic: Settlement Design: The Sons of Liberty  (Read 1340 times)

Force of Arms

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Settlement Design: The Sons of Liberty
« on: January 09, 2007, 08:01:33 PM »
Originally posted by Mr Red X

Poll Question: Does this stray too far off the theme? Yes or No

The Sons of Liberty

The last Democratic/ non companey organized nation ( perhaps city is a better description). They are the remnantes of the United states of America.

They live faily seculuded in a largely uninhabited and mountianous part of Gamma...... It is surrounded by a large metal structure that sheilds the city. it is equiped with a stealth Cloaking device that makes it practically invisible.

while the the corporations ate away at sovereign nations and took over, A small portion, maybe less than 100,000 fought them off. Many of them died and escaped to Gamma. Their biggest worry is to be found.

The Groups weapons are heavaliy modified out of date american munitions re modled and melted down many times. there are few mechs (maybe 6, but are old and slow) (except for 2)).

the great acheivment of the civilization is the large EMP energy sheild (mostly made from stolen technology and exsisting theories). It deystroys and disrupts electronics from the outside in a 100 mile radius. the down side is....nothing can get out...well after 4 hours of activation.

The sheild covers the the central area of the town (the capital) and when activated, can only be accsessed by emergency tunnels which fill with heavily toxic chemilcals and polluted water, which collapses themselves ( so even if you could get past the debries, You'd die or your suit would errode and you'd slowly die...)

The defense force uses few things of outside technology, of which is salveged or stolen. such tech nology is used for gun upgrade and chest armor. their helmets are similiar to today's military but much much more defensive. They do not wear huge bulky suits of armor, but wear chest plates, pads , helmets and goggles. Most soldiers have all sorts of gadgets such as supressors, tazers, emp, chaff, and Stealth cloaking devices.

The government is just how today's US government is but with more political parties and more Average people in office (so it isn't full of well off corporate shmuks) the constituition is the same as now and few laws have changed

I was a little confused on how this universe works....but uh....any opinions?

You guys left earth preeetty...vauge


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Re: Settlement Design: The Sons of Liberty
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2007, 02:05:19 AM »
Oh ! I like that name  ;)

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